About Us

At The Korda Law Firm, we choose to specialize in helping people. Helping people get the specific immigration visa they need. The Korda Law Firm is able to offer immigration and visa services to businesses and individuals wherever they are located!

From EB-5 Green Card through Investment visas and B-1Temporary Business Visitor Visas to K-3 Marriage Visas and Green Cards by Family Relationship, Naples, Florida based The Korda Law Firm will be the only immigration attorneys you will ever need! For a full list of the visas that our firm can help you with, please visit our visas page for more information.


Immigration attorney Anthony Korda offers a full spectrum of Immigration and business Services, but focus in particular on the following areas: EB-5, Securities, U.S. Business and corporate immigration issues, Asylum and family based immigration issues, as well as Comity issues regarding enforcement of foreign money judgments and discovery. Additionally, The Korda Law Firm also deals with International Law issues for UK- USA business structures and related activities.

Advice from Experts

With our ability to serve the needs of the international business community, as well as individuals wishing to immigrate to, relocate to and/or setup a business in the U.S.A., Anthony Korda will be the only immigration and business attorneys you will ever need. Whether you’re a business seeking to bring a foreign immigrant worker to the U.S., or an individual trying to immigrate to the U.S., we are able to assist in trying to ensure that the immigration process runs smoothly and efficiently.